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SFC License Application

Without the relevant license or registration, executing activities under regulation in Hong Kong, such as posting advertisement, inviting others to make investment in Hong Kong, seriously violates the law.


The guilty is subject to maximum punishment of $50,000 and imprisonment up to three years. For the continuing violation, the further maximum penalty is $20000 per day in the occurrence of offence.


A regulator in Hong Kong, Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC"), is responsible to manage and execute the Securities Futures Ordinance ("SFO"), monitor equities and derivates market and foreign currency market for non-bank retailer.


Having a license from SFC is an advantage. It helps to make the tailor-made application and save the time in preparing the paperwork, especially for those unconversant to the system. The project licensed consist license application from company and individual, guideline for initiating a business, creating a compliance projection for the proposed license parties.

On-going compliance support

It is a continuous process monitoring the company internal operation and preventing any violation by employee.

Off-shore Fund Setup

Off-shore Fund refers to securities investment fund schemes investing in international markets. The schemes invest in equities of a country, or fixed income securities.

The main purpose of setting up offshore funds is to diversify the high risks incurred in single domestic market by reallocating assets into global market. Besides, it is cheaper and easier to set up and run offshore funds. Moreover, offshore funds generally offer more flexible investment strategies. For instance, regulatory approval is not needed for a shift fromlong-only to short-only positions

However, it sometimes also involves complex cross-border issues and regulations. Often, the level of regulations also hinges on the type of fund established and the fund’s target market.

Hong Kong open-ended fund company set-up (OFC)

LCF Partner can assist the set-up of Hong Kong open-ended funds, an alternative to the unit trust structure for Hong Kong investment funds. The services we provide are as following:

·         Assist the set-up of fund entity and a managing company;

·         Compliance and monitoring services on financial and corporate


·         Provide necessary expertise in administering and managing the company;

·         Manage shareholder relations and assist with director responsibilities;

·         Company secretarial services.

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