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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting is currently a mandatory disclosure requirement in which all listed companies have to comply. Our core service includes monitoring compliance with mandates including ESG requirements, through providing the following services:

·         ESG report certification and assurance support;

·         Climate change practice advisory;

·         Social responsibility, impact investing and green financing advisory

·         Factory compliance audit;

·         Occupational Health and safety audit, review and consultation.

We also offer advisory services to clients to explore ESG or impact investment opportunities to help them understand their ESG, goal and risk requirements, then develop a tailor-made recommendation on demand.

M&A Compliance

M&A compliance risks are one of the major concerns of mergers and acquisition. With experienced professionals in the industry, our company provides compliance services to assist a successful M&A transition, which includes the following services:

·         Assessment of regulatory compliance concerns;

·         Evaluate documentation requirements, policies and procedures

          pertaining to the deal to industry compliance and specific regulatory needs;

·         Provide Tax compliance and tax advice on deal portfolio.

Cayman Islands offshore Fund Set-up

LCF Partner has experience in setting up offshore funds in the Cayman Islands, the world’s leading domicile for offshore funds and a top banking centre.The service we provide are as following:

·         Assist the set-up of fund entity (exempted company, partnership, unit trust), and a managing company;

·         Preparing the Memorandum and Articles of Association for fund set up;

·         Corporate Secretarial Service, which includes holding and recording board and shareholder’s meetings, keeping statutory books and records, and handling corporate filing’s and publications;

·         Professional Legal service that includes advice regarding formation, preparation, review and commentary on documentations and agreements.

Hong Kong open-ended fund company set-up (OFC)

LCF Partner has experienced individuals in the industry that can assist the set-up of Hong Kong open-ended funds, an alternative to the unit trust structure for Hong Kong investment funds. The services we provide are as following:

·         Assist the set-up of fund entity (exempted company, partnership, unit trust), 

          and a managing company;

·         Compliance and monitoring services on financial and corporate


·         Provide necessary expertise in administering and managing the company;

·         Manage shareholder relations and assist with director responsibilities;

·         Company secretarial services.

Fund Administrative Service

LCF Partner provides support by providing fund administration services that includes regulatory, financial and tax reporting requirements on fund. Managing funds effectively is critical. We provide service ranging from a traditional investment approach to complex and hybrid multi-manager and pooled fund structures on demand. The services provided are as following:

·         Filings to governing bodies and other institutes, including regulatory and shareholder reporting;

·         Composition services on end-to-end automated reporting;

·         Compliance services that includes monitoring and reporting for regulatory and investment guidelines;

·         Audit oversight;

·         Performance and statistics reporting;

·         Expense budgeting;

·         Global tax services;

·         Fund compliance issues and general consulting services.

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